Can Your Company Benefit From Using A Third Party Logistics Company?

logistics company

logistics company

Why would you need a third party logistics company? If you are running a business and you find that your orders are coming in faster than you can keep up with, you might consider hiring a logistics company. You can get your orders out in a timely manner, within one day usually, and your orders will be not only delivered on time but they will be packaged and accurate. From the time your customer hits the order button, the customer’s order is already being packaged and on its way to your customer’s front door. Distribution Services is the logistics company that you should be using to grow your business.

What is special about Distribution Services as a logistics company? By giving the headaches and the expenses of the packaging and distribution of products to a logistics company, you not only will find your business will be easier to run but also it will save you money because one of the expenses of logistics is to buy the packaging by bulk, giving you the advantage of the savings on packaging. Our warehousing and distribution facilities give us an advantage in getting your customer’s orders out in a timely manner.

How Can Your Business Benefit From A Third Party Logistics Company?

With logistics warehousing you never have to worry about your products waiting to be shipped to your end customer. Distribution Services offers a full service warehouse so every item is accounted for and can be pulled off the shelves and shipped in the most expedient way possible. This will save your business time and money and you will even be providing a better service to your customers.

By using our technologies we can use supply chains that helps us perform the order fulfillment with expediency and accuracy. You, the business owner, can take advantage of this by using our warehouse logistics.

How Can Your Business Grow Faster by Using Distribution Services as Your Logistics Company?

By using Distribution Services as your logistics company, your customers are repeat customers because they received fast and accurate service. By using a warehouse service, your customers will receive one-day order shipping service. You also can receive reduced shipping costs by using Distribution Services as part of your logistics warehousing because within certain distances we use our own network of trucking companies for faster delivery. For greater distances we have contracts with other shipping carriers so the rates can be the lowest possible.

You will also not have to maintain additional personnel just for order processing. By using Distribution Services as your logistics company we provide all of the personnel and equipment that is needed for the most streamlined operation.

Let Distribution Services be your logistics company so you can focus on what you do best. To learn more about using Distribution Services as your logistics company and the other services we offer, please call today at (405)605-5331 or fill out the form on the Contact page to have one of our friendly public warehousing specialists contact you directly.  We also have a variety of information on this website that explains how we can help with your logistics and warehousing needs.